A variety if pumpkins on display and for sale at Dutch Hollow Farms' Fall Crafts Fair. (Signal Photo/Katherine Walls)

Fall festivities are in full swing in Stanislaus County as local craft fairs begin to take place and provide affordable ways to get into the spooky spirit of the season. September 18 marked Dutch Hollow Farms’ second annual Fall Craft Fair. This event allowed crafters, businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their best of fall decor, unique jewelry, tasty snacks and so much more. 

Crowds gathered through the market-style line of vendors, each one unique from the one before it while still maintaining the constant spirit of autumn. Orange hues sprinkled throughout the booths as did pumpkin motifs.

In an unseasonably hot September, the ambiance of an autumn evening was ever present throughout the festive affair. There was an undeniable air of energy which was encapsulated when talking with some local crafters. The event served as an opportunity for creatives to be able to market their work for the first time. 

Carla Slayers, owner of The Crafty Portagee, explained how creating in order to relax after work ended up becoming a business endeavor.

“I actually just started doing this in March, but I’ve always had a creative side. I often do themed parties, and weddings, and all sorts of different little things." Salyers said.

"I have a very high stress job, so I was doing some things to kind of decompress. With all the craziness in the world, it morphed into me making little decorations for my house and my family are like, ‘I think you need to start a little side business,’” she continued.

Local craft fairs provide an outlet for those who want to share their creativity with other people. This sentiment was shared between new and frequent vendors alike. One such frequent vendor is Sherri Wood of Sherri and Lori’s Flowers and Crafts.

“My mom and I are both retired, and we make decorations for people to use... We decided to set up and sell them and share them with other people,” said Wood.

Local Arts and Crafts

Local arts and crafts for sale at the Fall Crafts Fair at Dutch Hollow Farms. (Signal Photo/Katherine Walls)

Both Slayers and Wood expressed how these events allowed them to share their creative sides with the community. Since the fair was expecting to have 70 vendors, it is safe to say that Stanislaus County has a large creative community who want to share their crafts.

There are more opportunities approaching to attend or participate in a craft fair in Stanislaus County. These opportunities include a Fall Craft Fair in Waterford on October 2, Fall Turlock Swap Meet on October 3, and Fall Market by Oh My Festival at The Fruit Yard on October 30.

Marissa Fast, an employee at Dutch Hollow Farms, mentioned upcoming events which included “Pumpkin Season” for the whole month of October. For other Fall Craft Fair details, check Google Events for Stanislaus County.

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