Christine Duval & Jordan Jones

Stanislaus State art majors were able to realize that their dreams of opening their own art galleries or showcasing their own art exhibits are attainable goals during the latest Stan State Zoom Artist Lecture. The lecture, which took place on September 30, was hosted by art curator and gallery manager Christine Duval.

Duval spoke a great deal about the necessary steps it takes to build a successful gallery. These steps include:

1. Define an art program that sets you apart

2. Discover young talent

3. Connect with Blue Chip Artists

4. Become an expert, and continue to learn

5. Determine your artistic direction, your branding

While Duval said financial security may be uncertain and owning a gallery is not a lucrative business, she shed light on the hustle and bustle of the business and how to close a deal.

"Don’t become a gallery owner unless you are ready to be the manager, marketing team, the press, the art curator and the art dealer. Learn how to do everything,” said Duval.

Duval explained that, when starting out, artists have to be their own entire team until your business or gallery starts making the funds it needs to sustain.

Immediately following the event, the art veteran herself held a Q&A session.

Duval is most passionate about the production and creative side of working in a gallery, but educating someone on a piece enough to intrigue them and allude them into purchasing is a reward and it is validating.

“You never think of how much detail goes into creating a gallery, and I love it. Last night changed my entire view of how I’m going to interact with galleries from now on,” Jordan Jones (sophomore, Art) said with a big smile.

Jones also pointed out that Duval plans out every inch of her gallery by creating miniature models of it. Duval selects and makes printouts of the art and places it on the small models before making any changes to the gallery space. Jones described it as being such fascinating and demanding work.

To see what the art major is up to, check out Jones's artwork on Instagram.

Christopher Rodriguez (senior, Art) also found the lecture to be beneficial.

“Christine made starting a gallery sound doable and I think that's incredible because it's not something I've considered as possible," Rodriguez explained. "I think her lecture was amazing and invigorating. I wasn't aware of her work before the event. Now, I am very interested in her work and her impact on the art world.”

Rodriguez's artwork can also be found on Instagram. 

Galleries share the same business model as non profits, and they are free. If you’re thinking about starting your own gallery, there are several that can be found throughout the surrounding Stanislaus community that you can visit from time to time to draw some inspiration.

When starting your own gallery or exhibition ask yourself, what sets you apart from others in the art world? 

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