In this week's meeting, the ASI Board of Directors went over the library’s opening in fall 2021 and discussed the library’s study space compliances and protocols due to the pandemic. Karlos Marquez, ASI Vice President, directed the meeting and was joined by Ron Rodriguez, Dean of Library Services, who was able to give updates and answer questions about the library.

Rodriguez talked about following regulations and compliances of safety and rules to students. Having precautions for students’ health on their re-opening plan is still important due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spacing and social distancing are rules that will be set for students inside the building at all times. Seating and separation of students in the library will be settled with risk management procedures. “Facilities have arranged for us a complete schematic, where all the seats go, all the seats you can sit on, socially distanced. Risk management is going to mark up the seats as well as label the seats you can’t sit on,” says Rodriguez. 

There will be a designated quiet area to study and to eat. “We have broad zones so that we can refer studentsー we will be monitoring seats and zones for capacity. This is all a process and work in progress, and we feel confident we will be able to really help.”

“I’s a brand new building, and we do want to reduce the number of opportunities for sticky spaces where people get their hands sticky from another person’s things,” says Rodriguez. Cleaning and having disinfected areas are top priority for students' care and health. This why Rodriguez says, “We would like to start with only food and drinks in the 24/7 near the cafe area.”

Cleaning and taking care of the library is key to having a safe zone for students, and the library does need the help. “We plan on hiring at least 7 students to help us. Library student ambassadors will help us remind others about the mask that will be required and remind those about social distancing,” says Rodriguez.

Opportunities will be coming to students with the great new opening of the Stan State Library. Having a better renewed educational environment for students at Stan State will help them grow and prepare themselves. 

For more information on the library’s opening, the University Library will be hosting a presentation on the renovation, fall planning updates, and initial plans on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, via Zoom from 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

 Registration link:

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