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Doing school from home has come with its pros and cons. (Signal photo/ Diana Camarillo)

Many students struggled this year to get used to a very different learning experience. Students at Stan State speak of their challenging experiences and angle their decisions for next year’s term.

Annette Sotelo, (sophomore, Child Development) says, “Personally, for me this year was different compared to other years since this year we were working at home from an online setting.” Her environmental experience was so different from what Sotelo was normally used to. 

Sotelo says, “I worked a little bit more than I was used to. I also tried to manage my small business, so it was different in the aspect that I was always home and didn't really have time to go to school.” Having to close campus made Sotelo realize how hard it would have been to be able to manage her business at home and go to school. She socializes and finds it more helpful to ask questions in the classroom than to be online at home. 

For Sotelo, there were somewhat great and bad balances and struggles to this year’s class schedule and environment of being at home.

“My room. Where I slept, where did my homework, where I worked on my business, wasn’t the right place. I didn't have a place to go to stop thinking about schoolwork and the struggles it has.” Being at home didn’t help her be calm or rely on helpful professors and classmates. “It’s been really hard to take exams virtually. It isn’t the same experience when we were in person. When we had more time to take exams,” said Sotelo. 

On the other hand, Jennifer Najar (junior, Liberal Studies) was very happy with starting this year at home as she is now living in Los Angeles, CA.

“I come from very far and being home during this time has helped me economically. I have rented all the time while studying, and this year I had the opportunity to go back home and save up.” It’s been a ride for Najar and she feels safe and secures being at home with her family during the pandemic.

Najar is hoping to keep her courses online to save up and stay home. “I am happy where I am right now, but if it means going back to normal schedule classes … then I’m guessing it’ll be for the best,” said Najar.

Being at home has impacted many other students learning experiences. It has affected and helped many other students like Sotelo and Najar. All we hope is for the best and to be safe. 

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