Grading Options

Students have been given a deadline of November 30th to change their grading option or withdrawal from courses for the fall 2020 semester. (Signal Photo/Christopher Correa)

Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Stanislaus State president Ellen Junn has signed a resolution to change Stan State grading and withdrawal policies for the fall 2020 semester, specifically for undergraduate courses.

An official university announcement explained, “We understand that the shift to virtual instruction has disrupted your educational experience this semester... We hope that this will help you focus on successfully completing the semester in these unforeseen and challenging circumstances.”

The recently signed resolution will grant students the option to change the grading option for undergraduate courses from a letter-grade (A, B, C, D, or F) to Credit / No Credit, and vice versa as long as the course allowed those options before the original census date.

The usual restrictions on students repeating courses where they were given the Credit / No Credit option will be waived for the semester.

Students considering making a grading change are recommended to review their syllabi or to check with their instructor. Once decided that you’d like the grading option changed, it can be done in the myStanState student portal. Step by step instructions on how to make the change once in the student portal can be found here.

The resolution will also give students the option to withdrawal from any fall 2020 course. In order to withdrawal from courses, students must submit a Course/University Withdrawal form and submit it to Enrollment Services. Withdrawing from courses will result in a grade of W for those courses on student transcripts, and it will not count towards a student’s GPA. Students are only allowed to withdrawal from a maximum of 18 units.

Withdrawing from a course could potentially affect a student’s financial aid. The university strongly recommends that students contact a financial aid counselor for any questions or concerns regarding course withdrawal and financial aid.

It is also strongly recommended that students speak with their instructors and campus advisors before making any official decisions regarding the changing of a grading option or the withdrawal from a course.

Students have been given a deadline of November 30th to change their grading options and to submit their withdrawal forms.

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