The library construction continues through the time of coronavirus. (Signal photo/ Kerry Young)

As renovation of the campus library continues, the library staff offers insights on what we can expect from the major project.

The renovation, which went underway in the summer of 2019, began because of many concerns regarding the building’s age. After consulting with members of Stan State's student government, plans were made for a new library with better facilities.

One of the concerns that students had that factored into the decision to renovate the building was the “maze-like” structure which was known to cause much confusion for several new students and visitors.

Danny Tovar (sophomore, Psychology) stated that he had issues with the fact that the actual library was on the second floor. “I didn’t want to go up those stairs,” Tovar said as they were notably taxing to climb compared to other staircases on campus.

Since renovation began in the summer of 2019, the library staff have had to make use of a temporary annex. The only recurring criticisms of these temporary facilities are the lack of study space for students and having 92 percent of their supplies in storage, with the eight percent still on hand selected by faculty based on necessity and usage.

Despite the low amount of books on hand, the library and its staff continue to assist students effectively. Use of CSU+ and other services compensate for the lack of immediately available books by borrowing any available print from other CSUs.

When the renovation is completed, we can expect 19 group study rooms, a 24/7 study space, a cafe, and an event space. The reference and circulation desks will also be moved to the front lobby. The building will be able to seat over 2,000 students as opposed to the original 640. A number of these seats will be available in the study areas, as well.

These and other features were decided upon by both students and faculty. Among these decision-makers was Dean of Library Ron Rodriguez, who hopes that the new library will be “a one-stop shop for student needs.”

Amid the current coronavirus pandemic, the renovations are still taking place as scheduled. Barring a stoppage of construction, the library is expected to be finished by summer of 2021 and will be open to students by the fall semester of that same year.

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