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Tuesday’s Academic Senate meeting focused on recent Cal-GET survey results and a new leadership studies certificate being offered at CSU Stanislaus.

Tuesday’s meeting began with several general announcements that included recognition of a permanent food pantry on the Stockton campus, which became official last week. Senator Tim Held noted that the library database Web of Sciences will be replaced with Scopas starting December 31, which he explained costs about one-fifth less and will begin being used on Dec. 31.

Lastly, Senator Dr. Dana Nakano announced that the Warriors Cross Cultural Center (WCCC) will host a trans day of remembrance in mid-November, during the week it is recognized nationally on November 20, though the date of the on-campus event has yet to be announced. He said plans are under way to read the names of members of the trans community who have passed due to violence or suicide during the event.

During the faculty budget affairs committee report, chair Nancy Burroughs said a grant will allow the campus to continue to update a number of sustainability projects, including installing more electric car charging stations on campus. She said currently the campus has 12 charging stations and is expected to install six to eight more on the north side of the campus. She added that Stan State is mandated to reach carbon neutrality by 2040 and the campus has 77% to go.

Also in her report, Burroughs said a recent update on CSU enrollments showed the system will be down 8% for spring enrollment. She explained enrollment for incoming freshmen is looking strong but continuing students are disenrolling, which is a concern.

During the ASI update, President Destiny Suarez said a curbside election ballot drop off will be held next week at the University Circle in front of the reflecting pond to allow students, faculty and staff an easy way to turn in their ballots. The ballot drop offs will be held Monday Nov. 7 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m and on Tuesday Nov. 8 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In her report Suarez also noted that ASI has just approved a new board of director for housing who has already started her position, and they will fill a position for director of diversity next week, leaving just one vacancy to fill in the position of director of Stockton campus.

Cal-GETC Straw Poll Results

Speaker of the Faculty, Koni Stone, announced the results of a recent Cal-GETC straw poll survey. The poll, which went to senators across the CSU system, gave three choices; vote to support the Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senate (ICAS) proposal as is, recommend specific changes that satisfy requirements of AB 928, the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021, or unable to come to a consensus.

AB 928 establishes an Intersegmental Implementation Committee to facilitate coordination for the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) and focuses on improving student transfer outcomes. 

Many campuses have come up with resolutions, according to Stone, while others had ideas of different ways to still meet the letter of the law but not cut out area C.

The topic will now be discussed at the Statewide Academic Senate meeting, she said, with the final decision deadline on May 31, 2023.

Nakano said it is unclear to him at this point, but it looks like it will ultimately come to a lack of consensus, which means the Academic Senate of the State University (ASCSU) body will have to make a decision about it.

He added that what he feels will likely happen is that it will be approved, because there is a worry about the chancellor’s office making the decision, but says they will make their sentiments clear in upcoming sessions with the chancellor’s office administration.

“We will very strongly voice the sentiments across campuses that people have read the resolutions for different campuses, that we do not want this Cal-GETC to become the local GE patterns for our local campuses,” Nakaro said.

Consideration for Leadership Studies Certificate

In the meetings first reading item, Chair of University Education Policies Committee (UEPC), Marcy Chvasta, moved the Leadership Studies Certificate for a first reading. The certificate is an online and accelerated certificate, she explained.

“This program will serve a need in our region, and as we at UEPC have been told, there are already students expressing intent to enroll in the program,” Chvasta said.

The curriculum is comprised of Ethnic Studies 4200 Racial and Ethnic Experiences, Leadership 2500 Leadership Development, Leadership 4000 Leadership Collaboration and Conflict, and Political Science 3304 Leadership for Public Service.  

“It will serve a need in our region and there are already students expressing intent to enroll in the program,” said Chvasta.

Kari Knutson Miller, dean of Extended Education and International Education, said although it’s new, the cohort for the degree is strong. 

“I think it’s attractive to working adults who are looking at continuing education and the opportunities associated with different forms of credentialling,” she said.

Senator Dave Colnic sees the potential in the certificate for those already in academia wanting to continue their education.

“My hope is that the bulk of these certificate students are those who already have their degree in a related field and are looking for some continuing education," he said, "and we can provide that for them quickly, thoughtfully, and well done, and help them advance in their careers.”

Kristin Platts is the Senior Editor of the Signal online student newspaper, majoring in Creative Media with a Journalism minor. Prior to going back to school in 2019, she worked as a journalist covering all things agriculture in California’s Central Valley.

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