Academic Senate Meeting Graphic

Graphic by Samantha Tonarelli.

On September 7, Stanislaus State's Academic Senate met for the second time in the semester to discuss a number of topics, including face-to-face learning and repopulation plans, ASI vacancies, support for Afghan students and their families, California's recall election and this year’s Warriors Give Back fundraiser.

Informal Faculty Conversation Being Planned

The Faculty Affairs Committee is working on hosting a series of informal conversations with faculty concerning the pause in face-to-face learning in hopes that their concerns can be heard. 

“This is how we deal with issues like Covid, but it is really much more on planning…We’re open to what individuals would like to talk about,” stated senator and California Faculty Association chair Dave Colnic.

Colnic said that staff and faculty should keep an eye out for emails being sent out. He also metnioned that these talks are open to anyone from the campus community.

Help for Afghan Students

The Warrior Cross Cultural Center is doing outreach to help families effected by the events in Afghanistan. The center is offering resources both on and off campus for those in need of additional support. 

Backpack And School Supply Drive

ASI president Cynella Aghasi announced that the annual Warriors Giving Back fundraiser will be returning.

“In collaboration with the Student Center, we are hosting our annual backpack and school supply drive to give back to our community and help support local elementary schools,” Aghasi said.

To donate visit, the Warriors Giving Backpack & School Supply Amazon Wishlist.

ASI to Host Town Hall

Student government will be holding a town hall on September 21 at 5:00 via Zoom to discuss the fall 2021 repopulation plan. Students are encouraged to attend and ask any questions they may have. Students are encouraged to sign up now, as the first 50 students who register and attend will receive Door Dash gift cards.

Open Seats on Student Government

Any students interested in getting more involved on campus and who are in the field of kinesiology, education, social work, or are a student athlete, there is a vacancy on the ASI board.

“It is important for us to have representatives from all the colleges,” said Aghasi.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ASI student government, apply today.

California Recall Election

Senator Colnic urges those of the senate or faculty to support current California governor Gavin Newsom in the September recall election.

“The current governor has been a friend to the CSU in terms of budgets, in terms of allocation, and I would add he’s been a friend to the CFA in terms of his work in helping us communicate with the trusties and administration,” Colnic said.

ASI is hosting a ballot drop for the recall vote on September 13 and 14.

Background on Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is Stan State's representative body made up of faculty who are the official representatives of the campus community. They work to create and assess policy and procedures on academic, personnel and fiscal matters to make recommendations to President Ellen Junn.

The Academic Senate meets bi-weekly to discuss ways to improve our experience here , stay tuned for more reports following their biweekly meetings.

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