Find out how Stan State Students prepare for finals

From exams to papers, students at CSU Stanislaus prepare for finals week in a variety of ways. Many students, faculty, and staff all look forward to the end of the semester and subsequent winter break. However, the Stan State community must power through finals week and all its stress.

Despite this stress, though, all students have a variety of ways of handling finals week. From exercising to taking care of yourself, students share how they are preparing for finals.

Student studying DBH

Student enjoying the weather and studying outside

Adam Lopez (graduate, Psychology) takes his love of exercise and uses it as a stress reliever. With the stress of graduate studies, Lopez talks about how he frequents the gym as a form of self-care.

Meanwhile, other students are turning to caffeine to get them through those long study sessions and all-nighters.

“I prepare for finals by drinking Red Bull,” said Lily Gallegos (junior, Biology). 

Other students look forward to relaxing on winter break in order to get them through the stress of exams and papers.

“I prepare for finals by thinking about my winter break,” said Andrea Wagner (graduate, English). 

As the Stan State community gets closer to the end of the semester, students understand the importance of balancing self-care and homework during finals week. How do you prepare for finals week?

Hi there! My name is Ariana Espinoza and I am an English major here at Stan State. I am in my fourth and final year, finishing up my BA in English with a minor in Journalism. My primary focuses are on grammar and language. However, when I am not writing o

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